Secrets To Getting Blog Comments – Part 4

How To Instantly Double The Number of Comments On Your blog

What would you say if I told you there’s a way to instantly double the number of comments on your blog? Well, this is possible and you don’t have to wait for anything to be set up or order any special plugins. In fact, you can instantly double the number of comments on your blog right now. Here’s how to do it.

Reply To Every Comment On Your Blog

By simply replying to every comment posted on your blog, you’ll instantly double the number of comments in the post. I’m not talking about replying only to questions. I’m talking about replying to every comment that’s posted. The best example of this is my friend Neil Patel’s blog.

When you visit Neil’s blog, you’ll noticed the amazing number of comments on it. Right now, the five posts on the front page have 678 comments in it! That is an astonishing amount of comments for any blog. However, if you look inside each post, you’ll noticed that Neil is responsible for half of those comments because he replies to every comment!

Now, Neil’s blog is big enough that he doesn’t need to reply to every comment and he’ll still get a lot of comments. However, he forms a much deeper bond with his readership because he does reply to all comments. This in turn increase the number of comments the blog gets. Readers love a blog owner who responds to them.

Knowing that Neil replies to all comments, a smart person looking to get Neil’s attention wouldn’t send him an email (he gets 100’s per day), he’ll leave a comment on his blog!

Replying to every comment is a great method to double your comments but what if you have no comments to reply to? Then you need to read Secrets To Getting Blog Comments – Part 1 to find out how to get that first comment.