NuPhy Air75 Mechanical Keyboard Unboxing and Review

The Air75 is NuPhy Studio’s new interpretation of an ultra-slim mechanical keyboard. It offers the world’s thinnest PBT keycaps, COAST, a more simplistic Fitting Foot and a brand new Foldable Case. Available direct from NuPhy for $109.95.

The Air75 use an applied aluminum alloy stamping method to create the unibody case. That process was first used in the NuType F1 keyboard. Different from the CNC machining process, this new processing method allowed the keyboard to maintain its unibody design while lowering its weight and dramatically decreasing production time and cost.

The Air75 upgrade the processing method with a reverse stamping to the top of the aluminum frame so that the entire surface would recess. This method successfully hides the mechanical switches and perfectly maintain the unibody design. This create a mechanical keyboard that is only 16mm thick.

With 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth 5.0 can connect up to 4 devices. For gamers, the 2.4G wireless provides lower latency and higher stability than Bluetooth. For the fastest response, you can use a USB-C cable to connect the Air75 directly to your computer.

At only 4.6 mm, The Air75 uses the thinnest PBT keycaps in the world. Made of highly durable PBT plastic, COAST keycaps use advanced dye-sublimation coloring technology, which completely overcomes the shortcoming of ABS keycaps which are known to wear down quickly and develop an unwanted shine over time.

Air75 was designed to be perfectly compatible with MacOS and Windows. It ships with Mac multimedia-keys layout and shortcut keys including section screenshots, full-screen screenshots, and a Siri key. The Fitting Foot at the bottom of the keyboard is compatible with all MacBooks and most laptops, allowing you to use the Air75 as a laptop keyboard when needed.

Like more and more mechanical keyboards, the Air75 keyboard is hot-swappable, allowing you to easily replace or upgrade your switches without soldering and to enjoy a different typing experience free of restriction. The Air75 offer three bonus mechanical switches in the package. This allows you to try out different typing experiences as well as easy replacement of a damaged switch.

Three Gateron low-profile switches are available for order with the Air75. My review unit came with Gateron Red, which offers a linear travel path that doesn’t have the bump used to provide tactile feedback. The other choices are Gateron brown for tactile feel and Gateron Red for those who like to hear the click sound they type.

There are two RGB light bars on each side of the Air75 frame. The left sidelight shows the caps lock and connection mode, while the right sidelight bar indicates the battery level and system mode. The backlight of Air75 has more than 21 different color effects, which can be changed using key combination.

The Air75 comes with a really unique carrying case. Not only does the Foldable Case v2 protect your keyboard but it can also become a stand when unbuttoned and folded, allowing support for both your tablet and phone. There’s also embedded a magnet at the bottom of the Foldable Case so that it will attach securely to the metal plate on the back of the keyboard.