My Society of American Travel Writers Keynote

I had the honor of giving the keynote address to the 2010 Society of American Travel Writers convention in Germany. For those who didn’t make it to Dresden to hear my keynote live, I’ve embedded it into this blog post. I’ve also made the keynote available for download. The file is 38MB.

I recorded the keynote live using the built in voice recorder in the Telepromt+ iPad app. However, the current version has no way of extracting the audio files. I want to thank Tim Cochrane of Bombing Brain Interactive for sending me a newer version of Teleprompt+ that allowed audio extraction. Bombing Brain says the next version of Teleprompt+ (due is a week or two) will allow you to download the audio recordings.

I also want to thank Christopher Baker, creator of the Costa Rica ¡Pura Vida! travel app, for his amazing introduction of me before the keynote. I wish I had a recording of it because it would make a great pick me up for when I’m feeling down.

I’ve included the slides I used during the keynote. You’ll have to advance it yourself since it’s not keyed to the audio. You should be able to guess which slide I’m on based on my speech. I had a lot of fun doing this keynote. The feedback from the SATW members was extremely positive. I hope you enjoy it as well.