Let’s Get Together At jvAlert Live!

Hey everyone! Let’s get together at the big jvAlert Live Event happening in San Diego February 8-10. I’m going and I know that you want to go as well, so let’s make it happen!

If you can get there, it will be a “win-win” situation for both of us. I’m a fun guy to hang around with and I promise you’ll have a great time. There’s just nothing like meeting face to face and we can talk about all kinds of ways that we can work together. Not only can we get together, but I have some great people to introduce you to.

Imagine being introduced to people like: Ken McArthur, James Malinchak, Gina Gaudio-Graves, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming, Glenn Dietzel, Daven Michaels, Mitch Axelrod, Tracy Repchuk, Debbie Bermont, Christina “Profit Queen” Vendley, Bryan Dulaney, Robert Plank, Nicole Munoz, Greg Writer, Ravi Jayagopal, Lou Dalo, Dan Safkow and more! They are ALL going to be there and a pile of other experts too! I promise that I’ll personally introduce you to all of them.

So, what’s holding you back?

Maybe it’s the “boss.” Everyone’s got one for sure. Maybe the spouse or significant other? I know the feeling, because I have someone that watches the purse strings pretty carefully too. They want to know the bottom-line, which is …


Ah yes, that money stuff! I’ve got a few opinions on that subject. You can get all THREE days for only $127 with the Early-Bird Special. Compare that to other conference prices, and it’s a no brainer! Ok, now that the money part is solved, what about the, “What am I supposed to do while you are off having fun at your conference!” objection.

No doubt about it, jvAlert Live is FUN!

So …

Bring the spouse and kids for an adventure, while you write off your expenses as a business deduction! The proceeds from a SINGLE joint venture could cover your costs. Here’s a quote from Jane Mark and Phil Basten to their newsletter subscribers talking about the results after they attended jvAlert Live!

“We went down to Phildephia to meet with a group of marketing experts just to brain storm, kick around ideas and make some lasting friends and Joint Ventures.”

“To say it was propserous would be an understatement. We have already made JV’s deals from that event that made us over $25,000 in two weeks. Not a bad days work and that was only a start.”

Jane Mark and Phil Basten

No wonder they are coming back for more! I really do love meeting my readers face-to-face, and jvAlert is a really inexpensive way to do it. You simple can’t beat the price for the level of telent you’ll be exposed to. I hope to see you there. First round is on me!

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