John Chow: 1 Shoemoney: 0

The Top Affiliate challenge doesn’t officially start until Monday but already I fired off the first shot at Shoemoney. Each team is given their own blog for the show. The producer made the login password the same for every team. No doubt he assume we would change it, and I did. However, Shoemoney didn’t. Being as evil as I am, you can no doubt guess where this story is going.

If you check Shoemoney’s team blog, you’ll see a post that we assume was written by Shoemoney call Team XY7.COM for The Win!

OK, let’s face it. John Chow and Team XY7.COM is too strong. They got this thing in the bag. I don’t even know why I should bother to try and beat them.

We give up. Give the money to John Chow and Team XY7.COM now.


I’m sure once Shoe sees the post, he’ll try to delete it. However, it’s going to be tough since the password has been changed. 😈

Please go comment on the post and remind the Shoe that a default password should always be change ASAP. :mrgreen: