Interview with Robin Gupta, CEO of leading Seo Company

I recently had the opportunity to interview Robin Gupta, Director of RobinGupta.Com. Robin is well known name in SEO industry. With Alexa Rank under 16K we can guess the power of SEO done by his Company. Robin has been a prominent member of various SEO and webmasters community and has been a helping hand, always ready to guide the newcomers and other members of the Forums. When you check, you will find many interesting services which are unique offerings from this company and the testimonials from the clients show how result oriented their services are.

Without any further delay, here’s my interview with Robin.

Robin can you give us a brief overview about you and your company.

First of all I would like to say big thanks to you John, It’s an honor for me to be here at your blog, well my name is Robin Gupta. I am 25 Years Old running SEO Company (RobinGupta.Com). We are one of the most Popular SEO Services Provider in Web. We provide a range of link building services and other SEO Services that can help your website grow and your business expand. Each of our services possesses the irreplaceable quality and efficiency that has made us a favorite among our more than 350 clients worldwide.

When And How Did You Start Your Business? Share Your Success Story.

I started my internet career in March 2006 as writing article (I wrote 2-3 articles) but I realized that content writing is not my forte and I started learning from various eBooks and joined many Webmaster and SEO Forums to enhance my knowledge. I started learning about SEO and it was the field that I got Interest. I started interacting with various senior SEO Professionals and Forum Members and learnt a lot from them. I also joined many freelance sites to get started with this newly learnt knowledge at first I started to do directory submissions service as seo and got my first order of $10 in Jun 01, 2006 (can’t forget this ) It was from the webmaster Forum after this there were no work in next 1 month but I always watching peoples doing good on web so I continue learning and in August 2006 I got a work at 8000 INR monthly salary where I worked for about an Year, Simultaneously I never lost my hope to make my name in the field of SEO. I continued working on small project for directory submissions and other small SEO works. I used to get this projects from various webmaster Platforms and freelance sites. I realized that it was not enough to establish a steady business. Hence I decided to build my own site and offer these services through this website.

On March 3, 2007 I registered This was my first step towards Serious Entrepreneurship. However all my fellow SEO Friends and seniors were against my choice for registering personal name. They made fun of my decision said it was not good for SEO related services. I felt guilty but I continue with this domain. Following months I was too busy with small projects for directory submissions. While promoting client websites I ignored to promote my site. This was one of the big mistakes on my side, so year 2006 & 2007 was all about starting, learning and small orders.

In beginning of 2008 I started one way link building service (at webmaster forum) also started promotion of my site, I got an overwhelming response to this offer. This was the time when I started building my client base; most of them are still with me. Promotion was on the way for and got small orders from my site too, 2008 went good for me. Now in 2009 I started experimenting with some of my own methods to promote my site. I became expert in this field and started getting reputation of an SEO expert from the Internet Community. My Contacts Network increased and I started considering SEO as a Serious Business. I established this Business Under my own Name i.e. RobinGupta.Com. I bought my First Office in 2009. Today I have a team of SEO Professionals who are well Trained and qualified to deliver the best SEO Work as per the customer requirement. Time by time we added lots of off page seo services and right now we are complete web Solution Company.

What is the size of your company?

We have a team of 20 Full Time SEO Professionals all over India. These Professionals are Highly Trained and give 100% Results to all our Client Requirements.

What services do you offer?

We Offer all Types of SEO/Web Services under one roof. The List of services offered by us is as follows:
Web Design & Web Development, SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click Management, Reputation Management, Blog Management, Social Media Optimization, One Way Link Building, On Page Optimization, Press Release Distribution, Content Creation & Many More….

What is the future of SEO?

I think future of SEO is bright because today online present is a must for any business to grow. As the No of websites increases so does the need to have the website on top of the search pages. SEO hence is destined to grow multifold in coming years and more and more companies will like to take help of established SEO Experts to bring the desired results.

Who are Your Main Customers: Companies/ Individuals or Webmasters?

We have all type of clients: Companies/ Individuals & Webmasters too, In Today’s time building your reputation online are the top most priority for any company whether it is a small, medium or large company. As an SEO Company we encourage all types of companies/Individuals & webmasters to have their website optimized for long term benefits.

What are your achievements to date?

From business point of view I think my achievement is I have received good reputation in seo industry, I personally own more than 1000 websites on various topics, we receive clients from all over the world and so far we have served over 14,000 websites. Our clients care from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many European countries. Today we have more than 350 clients from across the world. Today we are a prominent name in the industry.

So what makes your client come back to you again and again?

Our Quality Service & instant customer support (before & after sale) is our USP. We offer best result oriented services to our customers. Our Services like Complete Link Building and PR2+ One Way Link Building are our best sellers. Our Clients are so pleased with these services & results, they return back with more projects.

What are your goals for the next five years / ten years?

I want to be in the remembered every time, whenever/wherever if there is discussion of SEO then our name should present there. In Short I want to see my Company be the NO1 Choice for any type of SEO and Internet marketing needs & beside RobinGupta.Com I want to set up one Web Development Company.

And what are your plans for achieving these goals?

We have planed everything to achieving our target; we have increased the no of services we are offering to our clients. From a Solo SEO company we have stepped into Web Development / designing Services and Brand Development – Management Services. These have helped us to service more to our existing clients and also opened a whole new gateway to reach many more clients.

What are the challenges you see in the near future?

With the Daily changes in the field of Search Engines and Social Media Updation, the Definition of SEO changes with it too. These are the fields we are continuously updating to and are focusing our services. We are market leaders in these latest techniques and our customers are very much satisfied with these services. However we need to stay updated with all the latest changes and find it very interesting and challenging to work on this ever updating market.

Is there anything you wish you had done differently?

Not at all. Every experience has been a lesson for me. The good and the bad have helped me become a better business person and have helped me continually grow and cultivate the business. I’ve had a few major obstacles, but those obstacles made me stronger and wiser. They stretched my thinking and made me step out of my circumstances to find alternative solutions. So as hard as some of those situations were, I’m glad I went through them. The Only thing I wish I could do is to complete my higher studies. I was so involved in the online business that I could not complete my higher studies. However time has made me learn many beautiful lessons and also helped me learn Management Skills which I think would be at par with those Management Gurus.

What is Seo Charity? It sounds quite impressive and helping, tell us more about this?

We have initiated this unique concept in the world of SEO. This is the first of its kind effort to contribute to the society in a good way. This service is going to be a part of our Non Profit Initiatives where we will offer Huge Discounts on our popular services to encourage our clients to order through our charity page. All the earnings through SEO Charity will be donated to the charity. It will be win win situation for our clients who will not only get our services at very low price but also have an opportunity to contribute to the Charity and serve back to the society in a big way. Visit our Charity Seo Page to help society.

What are your greatest strengths?

My biggest strength is my Self Motivation but offcource there are some person in my life who are my strength in lots of ways…

If you could go back to being 18, what different career choices would you make?

If I given a choice, I would select this same career again however would like to start it after completing my higher studies.

What would you recommend to our Readers who would be inspired by you?

I believe we can achieve all the impossible targets and win every game of life with hardwork, dedication, honesty, Sincerity & Patience.

I would like all readers to note that: “Efforts Always Pays”

Robin Gupta

I want to thank Robin for doing this interview and I hope you got something out of it. You can find out more about Robin Gupta at