I’m Hitting The Road – Come Meet Me In Person

I’ll be doing quite a bit of travelling this month and wanted you to know my schedule in case you want to meet up.

March 9 – Dot Com Pho Vancouver

Follow me on Twitter to find out where this Saturday’s Dot Com Pho Vancouver will be held. Most likely, it will be at Happy Pho but the crew like to mix it up once in a while. It’s free to join. You pay for your own Pho.

March 11 – Internet Marketing Mastermind

I’ll be giving a presentation on email marketing at the the Vancouver chapter of the Internet Marketing Mastermind.

In this week’s Internet Marketing Mastermind, you will get an inside look at John Chow’s million dollar email marketing empire. If you think John making $40K a month from his blog is something, wait till you see how much he rakes in with email!

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March 12 – Vancouver Business Network

If you miss me on IMM Monday, you can catch me on VBN Tuesday. Better yet, catch me on both days. The presentation will be different. It’s all about branding.

Blogger, speaker and entrepreneur. John Chow is back In this week’s Vancouver Business Network meetup! He will share his Internet marketing and branding secrets that has made him millions online.

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March 15 – An Evening with Seth Godin in Orange County

Seth Godin is arguably the godfather of modern marketing. A guru to marketing and advertising guru’s and has one of the most-visited marketing blogs on the internet. He has penned more than a dozen bestselling books (Permission Marketing, Purple Cow, Tribes, Linchpin) and launched a social site that attracts more than 50 million viewers per month.

Tickets to this event is $85 and include General Admission plus three of Seth’s newest books. Seth will be there to sign them too!

March 15 to 17 – The Impact Event Los Angeles

I’m one of the speakers at The Impact Event LA. I’m not sure which day I’m speaking at, but Ken McArthur has given me a few guest tickets to give out. I have a limited amount. It’s first come, first serve. As soon as my free guest tickets are gone, they are gone, so don’t wait on this.

Get your guest pass to The Impact Event LA

March 22 to 23 – MOBE License Rights Event

This event is opened to MOBE Licensees only. You can find out more about the MOBE License here. The event is in San Diego and cost $297, but every attendee gets a $249 Samsung Chromebook, so the actual cost is only $50. This is a fantastic deal.

If you’re not a MOBE licensee, I might be able to get you in as a guest so you can check it out. The cost is the same, and you’ll get a Chromebook as well. Contact me if you’re interested.

March 27 – Shanghai, China


I’ll be at a secret conference in Shanghai towards the end of this month. If any Shanghai readers want to meet up, or go for dim sum, give me a shout.