How To Make $2,000 Per Day on Etsy

How did TagPup grow into the #1 Etsy store for pet products? Owner Vlad Kuksenko is here to share his advice in this video.

Vlad started TagPup with just $500 and within two years had already made more than $1 million in sales. Even more impressive, that revenue is about 50% profit. Vlad’s previous experience running other Etsy shops helped him achieve such speedy growth, along with the creativity and uniqueness of his custom dog tags and collars.

UpFlip talked to Vlad a few months ago about how to start an Etsy shop for beginners. Now, they’re following up to see if TagPup’s on track to hit its next goals and get more advice from Vlad about how to make money selling on Etsy. He’ll dig deeper into the strategies he uses to attract customers and grow his revenue, along with sharing more of his real-world insights about what makes an Etsy shop successful. Enjoy!