How To Drive Your PPC Campaign

If you are new to the PPC game, knowing where to start is sometimes the most daunting or overwhelming stage of the game! We have compiled a list of basic steps to follow to help drive your campaign!

Firstly, target your campaign. Target to a geographical area – for example, if you are a store located in San Diego California, you will want your ad campaign to focus on the surrounding areas more than San Francisco, or out of state. You want to insure that you are reaching people that are within a geographical range that is accessible to your storefront. Along with the geographical targeting, you want to create a target audience as well, which will help you determine sites you want to advertise on as well.


Second, use Google analytics. By tracking which keywords are working, which ads are working, etc. Google analytics is a great way to determine which ads are working and which copy is working – this can help you eliminate ads that are wasting your efforts, and help increase the ads that are working.

Third, use negative keywords. Surprising to many people, negative keywords can be just as important as exact keywords. Negative keywords are ones that specify locations where you do not want your ad to appear. For example, if you are a pet supply store, but do not have products for large animals, you may want to include words like “horse” in your negative keyword program so that people are not being sent to your site inappropriately.

Lastly comes the importance of your landing page. Your ads and your landing pages need to have a flow that works for customers. When your landing page has little or nothing to do with the ad copy, your quality score is negatively affected. Make sure that the copy of the landing page matches the copy of the ad – it does not need to match exactly, but the information needs to be relevant and easily accessible to those that click through the ad.

By following these few easy steps, you can increase the traffic through your ads and make sure that the traffic you are receiving is qualified and will be giving you the return on your advertising!