How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

Valuing a blog, or any Internet property, is not an easy thing to do. There are so many factors to take into consideration that a simple number times earning cannot reflect. However, I’ve found a new site that will give you the value of your blog down to the dollar.

My Blog Value is made by the same people who created How Rich Will I Be. By answering 19 simple questions about your blog, My Blog Value will be able to tell you how much your blog is worth. Whether you can sell it for that price is another story.

The valuation takes into account things that other tools doesn’t, like how much does the blog make indirectly, how often you update and how many comments you get per post. Completing the questions shouldn’t take more than a minute and the results are instant.

How Much Is My Blog Worth?


How much money is your blog worth?

After punching in my data, My Blog Value came up with a value of $2,333,778 for John Chow dot Com. If anyone wants to offer me that price, I’ll sell. 😈

While I doubt any venture capitalist will be using My Blog Value as a serious price estimating tool, the page is good for entertainment and bragging rights.

How much is your blog worth? Please post the number in the comments.