How Andrew Tate Got Wiped From The Internet and Killed His Business

After getting banned from Facebook, Instagram and TikTok over the weekend, Andrew Tate woke up yesterday to more bad news. YouTube shut down all his channels. With the latest ban, Andrew Tate has been wiped from the internet. However, it gets worst. His main money maker, Hustler’s University, has gone from making over $5 million a month to zero!

A look at the order page from Hustler’s University claims they are accepting 50 new students an hour and currently have zero spots available.

The truth of the matter is they can’t accept any students because Strip shut down his merchant account for violating their terms of service. That means he can’t take credit card payments.

Hustler’s University claims to have over 100,000 students paying $49.99 a month to learn how to make money online (answer – get others to sign up for Hustler’s University). Without the ability to process credit cards, those 100K students won’t get billed next month and Hustler’s University is pretty much out of business.

So how did Andrew Tate go from mega social media influencer making millions to getting wiped from the internet and making zero? There are two main reasons.

Ignoring Complaints

Andrew Tate’s story follows the typical get rich quick guru’s fall from grace. Not only did he ignored the complaints levied against him, he made fun of them. Normally, you can ignore most complaints. However, there are some groups you can’t ignore. Parents and teachers would be among those groups. Tate’s misogynist messages is targeted at young boys and it was effecting their behavior to the point teachers started demanding that Tate get canceled.

Tate’s response to this is it’s not his responsibility that people misinterpret his messages. This is the response from the same guy who said women must bear some responsibility if they get raped. That comment got him banned from Twitter in 2017.

Ignoring complaints will always end up with things not going your way. Making fun of the complaints will pretty much ensured that your business will go under.

Building Your Business On Rented Land

Tate’s raise to stardom was build on social media platforms that he has no control over. The social networks generally will leave you alone, and will even help promote you because views equals money. The more engagement you can generate, the more money the networks makes, and Tate was getting massive engagement. So why did Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube gave up all that money and banned him? The official reason is he violated the network policies, which he did. The unofficial reason is they received too many complaints. Unlike Tate, multi-billion dollar social networks don’t ignore complaints.

Many will cry that Tate’s freedom of speech is being taken away. However, freedom of speech applies to you and your dealings with the government. It doesn’t apply to your dealings with private companies. You violate their terms of service, they can ban you. They don’t want to because they make money off you, but complaints trump money.

Tate’s entire business was built on social media, and that meant he was at their mercy. When you built your business on rented land, the landlord can kick you out at any time.