Hey! We’re Back! Sorry for The Downtime

Two days ago, there was an outage at my webhost, HostGator. This took the site down for a few hours. When the site came back, it was working fine at first. However, later in the day, all the posts and comments disappeared!

In most cases, this would be a disaster. Fortunately, I maintain multiple backups of my blog at VaultPress. Normally, all I have to do is use the VaultPress backend and click the restore button, and it will auto restore my site. However, things didn’t went as planned this time, and we ended up doing a manual restore. I want to thank Oscar Gonzalez at Not A Grouch for his help in restoring the blog.

This should serve a reminder that your blog needs a disaster recovery plan. This is especially true if you depend on your blog for income. VaultPress protection starts at only $15 per month. This is cheap insurance as far as I’m concern. You may feel like you don’t need it, but when disaster hits, you will be glad you have it!