Happy Blogging New Year!

Happy 2011 everyone! I hope 2010 was good for you and trust 2011 will be even better. A new year means a new start so whatever good or bad may have happened last year, forget about it. It’s done for and gone. 2011 is a new start and a new opportunity for you to renew your blog, your vision, your spirit and yourself.

I do not have any New Year’s resolution. I don’t believe in them. Instead I have clearly defined goals that I want to achieve by a certain time frame. I feel a goal without a time limit is not a goal but merely a dream. If you wish to achieve anything in life, you have to place a time limit on it. A time limit forces you to take action instead of sitting on the couch saying someday I’ll get there. Don’t be afraid to fail. Know that failure is required in order to succeed. You will not find a successful person who doesn’t have a few stories to tell about their failures.

May 2011 be YOUR year to hit all your goals. Happy Blogging New Year!

Happy New year!