Halloween Fun – Play Trick or Treat Slot and Get Broke

Trick or Treat Slots

Reader Anton Tlustyy sent me a link to this Halloween online slot machine game. The game is provided by SlotDoc.com and Treat or Treat is one of the many online slot games offered. There’s a bunch of other free slot games as well. I’ve been playing Trick or Treat on and off for the past hour and it’s getting quite addicting. Since Halloween is tomorrow, I figured I’ll use the game to hold a little contest.

Play Treat or Treat Slot and Get Broke (The Movie)

The top screen shot shows how much I won playing Treat of Treat Slot – $125,169.80. No, it’s not real money. I played the game just for fun. However, if you’re a real gambler, SlotDoc.com will let you play their slots for real money. The first five readers to beat my winnings will receive a copy of Broke – The New American Dream, a new film by Michael Covel on how America got into its current financial mess. And no, it’s not by playing free slots.

All you have to do is beat my winnings, take a screen shot and post a link to it in the comments. The first five to do it gets a copy of Broke. Have fun playing and Happy Halloween!

Be The First 5 To Beat My Winnings and Get Broke