Getting My Tan Feet in Costa Rica

My Tan Feet is a blog about one couple adventuring throughout Costa Rica and the world. It was started by Yeison Kim and his girlfriend Samantha. The blog was started in February 2013, and has since became a go-to-site for travelers looking for information on Costa Rica and other Central America designations.

Yeison and Samantha are very transparent about their life in Costa Rica, and their blogging life. They even show how much money they’re making from it. You can read how the couple met here. Or you can watch the video below.

While in Costa Rica, Yeison took us out fishing. Here’s a photo of us on the boat. Yeison is in the middle between me and Jun Jun Li. I’m sure Yeison will be blogging about the fishing trip as well.


It is really nice to have someone who knows Costa Rica showing you around. Instead of getting the normal “tour company view” of Costa Rica, Yeison is showing us the real Costa Rica, and I can see why he and Samantha chose to live their Dot Com Life here.

While My Tan Feet isn’t generating massive amounts of money, it does make enough to allow Yeison and Samantha to live in paradise. Compared to Orange County, the cost of living in Costa Rica is next to nothing. There are also tax advantages to living here. Costa Rica uses a territorial tax system. This means you only pay income tax on money made inside Costa Rica. If you live there, and make your money outside the country, and you would be if you have an Internet business, you don’t owe any income tax! That means the money that Yeison and Samantha makes from My Tan Feet goes to living the Dot Com Lifestyle. Check out their blog for more information.