Flying To Japan On Singapore Airline’s Airbus A380


We just flew from LAX to Japan aboard Singapore Airline’s Airbus A380, and it was the best flight experience ever!

It was the smoothest flight I have ever been on. I’m not sure if it was because the air we were flying in was just good, or if the Airbus A380 is so big that it doesn’t get effected by turbulence as much as a normal jet.

Flying Singapore Airline business class is also a great experience. It includes access to the best airport lounge at LAX. The Star Alliance Lounge is located on the six floor of the International terminal, and offers a great view of the planes from the outdoor patio.



The Airbus A380 is the biggest passenger jet in the world, and Singapore Airlines was the first to get them. Depending on configuration, the A380 can seat up to 600 passengers, and is the world’s first double decker plane.



The entire upper deck is reserved for business class. The seats are the widest in the industry. Sally and I could have sat together on one chair if we wanted. Of course the seat turns into a lay flat bed.



The tray table was the biggest I have ever seen on a plane. It accommodated my 15″ Macbook Pro with room to spare. It one of the coolest office in the sky that you can create.


The menu was over 10 pages long and feature both western or Asian dishes. The food was very tasty, and they were served with full sized utensil and plates. I preferred the Asian menu over the Western one.





Here’s a video of our little trip. We’ll be in Japan until July 13. Then we’ll be flying over to Malaysia for the MOBE Platinum Mastermind. While in Japan, we’ll be checking out Disney Sea, and a whole bunch of restaurants. Got to love the Dot Com Lifestyle!

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