Florida Ford GT Owner Crashes Car Into a Tree Because He Can’t Drive a Manual

A Ford GT owner in Boca Raton, Florida (shocker!) crashed his recently purchased supercar into a tree Friday evening because he was “unfamiliar with how to drive stick shift.”

The driver, 50-year-old Robert J. Guarini, told the police he lost control of his car after downshifting while leaving his housing development at around 6 p.m. This led to a head-on collision with a palm tree. As you can see, the palm tree won.

The police report stated the car was not registered or insured when the crash happened. However, Mr. Guarini claims his car was covered under an umbrella policy and that he didn’t have the documentation available when at the accident occurred.

The VIN indicates the Ford GT was purchased at a Barrett-Jackson auction in Palm Beach back in April for $704,000.

Mr. Guarini was issued a citation for driving with a suspended license and a warning for operating an unregistered vehicle. Mr. Guarini claims his license suspension was due to an unrelated Department of Motor Vehicles “clerical error.”