Dot Com Lunch At Ramen Shack San Juan Capistrano

In this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle vlog, I head to San Juan Capistrano to have lunch at the Ramen Shack. The Shack was started by Japanese American chef Keizo Shimamoto, who is famous for inventing the ramen burger back in 2013.

Chef Shimamoto’s journey to ramen master began in the the spring of 2009. After losing his job in finance and programming, he went to Japan and ended up consuming 55 bowls of ramen in one month. He later moved to Tokyo where he worked at ramen houses Ivan Ramen and Bassanova and became a perpetual student devoted to the craft of making ramen.

He returned to the U.S. in 2013 and introduced his Ramen Burger at the New York food festival Smorgasburg, which led to the launch of the Ramen Shack pop-up. The pop-up now has a permeant location in Orange County.

San Juan Capistrano is primarily known for its mission that was founded in 1776. However, the area is now a flourishing food destination thanks in part to a downtown main drag where some of the most exciting new restaurants in Orange County can be found. Ramen Shack is right in the middle of it all at 31751 Camino Capistrano.

There’s also the smell of smoked meats in the air, emanating from another of San Juan Capistrano’s new culinary draws, Heritage Barbecue.