Does Fox News Understand Bloggers, or Simply Think We are Idiots?

Remember a few years back when someone came up to you and said they were a “blogger”… and you simply thought to yourself, “what a waste of time”… or “big deal, blogging is just an online journal”. Yea, that may have been the case around seven to eight years ago, but now blogging is serious business. Heck, John Chow is the perfect example of someone turning a blog about nothing, into a $40,000 a month income! How sick is that?

Last week I was speaking at BlogWorld in New York City and had the chance to get interviewed by Fox News and appear on The O’Reilly Factor. It was quite exciting to see Fox News at an event like BlogWorld, as it shows the event is growing in size year after year. Just two years ago I was featured on ABC News after speaking at BlogWorld in Las Vegas. The bottom line is, the opportunities and business of blogging and attending blog and internet marketing related conferences is crucial to the success of your brand and business.

Back to my point, Fox News was performing various interviews on the exhibit hall floor. Their questions ranged from social media, how technology is invading our lives and of course blogging and politics. You can view the full segment on the Fox News web site. Once you watch the video, you will see how Fox News portrays the world of blogging and the people who attend the event. Sure, it’s probably boring and explaining what we do will go over the heads of the average viewer, but instead of portraying us all as fools and idiots when it comes to “real life experiences and politics“, they should have focused their efforts on showing what is capable when you take the time, effort and passion to grow a blog into a real business over the internet.

So the question is… is this how everyone looks at bloggers and online marketers, or was Fox News just trying to take a funny “SPIN” on The O’Reilly Factor and add some humor and to their schedule? In all truth, I am very appreciative to Fox News for taking the time to interview me and include me in their report. The world of blogging and affiliate market is quite secret when it comes to the average viewer and non internet entrepreneur related person.

Instead of focusing on the BlogWorld conference as a joke and making it look like a collection of people who blog from their parents home and have no knowledge of what’s happening in the world around them, they could have put a positive spin on the story and introduced their millions of viewers to the benefits and potential in the world of online blogging and marketing.

If you feel the same way, be sure to shoot Bill O’Reilly an email at and let him know what they really missed out on by not focusing on the positives of blogging and business online.

This post was guess blogged by Zac Johnson