Bugatti Recalls One Chiron Over A Loose Screw

Bugatti has issued a recall notice on all Chiron models with a build date of November 16, 2017. That works out to one car. The company told regulators that a single screw was loose on the affected car. The recall procedure for the multi-million dollar hypercar is to return the car to the dealer so they can tighten that screw.

The official recall, posted on March 28, is titled “Frame Support Not Tightened Properly” and covers a screw that secures the front frame support. Since this could pose a safety issue if it were to dislodge at speed, a recall was needed to fix the issue. This is the fourth recall covering the 2018 model year Chiron, but the first one to affect only a single car.

I’m personally a bit shock to know that Bugatti could even determine that a single screw was not tightened properly. The record-keeping for these exclusive automobiles must incredibly meticulous. For example, Acura maintains a ledger of every single bolt on the NSX and exactly how much it was torqued. If defects are discovered later on, the company can trace the problem to a single component and determine which other cars may face similar issues. Bugatti clearly does the same thing.

If you are owner of the Chiron built on November 16, 2017, you should have gotten a letter from Bugatti. They dropped it in the mail on April 4, 2022. I’m sure the letter was made of linen, with Bugatti watermark, and put inside a very fancy invitation style envelope, sealed with wax.