BC Business Photo Shoot Take Two

It seems BC Business wasn’t entirely satisfied with the first photo session. They asked their photographer, Nick Westover, to try again.

Nick tells me the problem BC Business had with the first session was the photos looked too set up and not spontaneous enough. They wanted a more “this is how I do it” look. That’s OK with me because I don’t want people to think I blog in a bath robe.

This time we didn’t take any photos in my office. Instead, we took the notebook and went to the kitchen and bedroom. Once again, I didn’t get a chance to see what any of the new photos look like. However, I’m sure it’ll look better than this one.


Yes, you really can blog in bed. Just don’t fall asleep while doing it. It’ll be interesting to see what photo they finally decide to use. Look for me in the June (or July) issue of BC Business magazine.