Affiliate Summit West 2010 – Killer Facebook Advertising Tactics

Facebook Advertising Session

The Facebook advertising session at Affiliate Summit West 2010 was one of the most anticipated session of the entire conference. The session was moderated by Jim Kukral. The speakers were Mark Colacioppo of Globalizer, Markus Frind of Plenty of Fish, Dr. David Klein of Purpose Inc., Alex Schultz of Facebook and Shoemoney. Missing from the session was Dennis Yu so those hoping to see a big fight break out between him and Shoe were disappointed.

The session started with all the speakers doing a short introduction about themselves. Then Dr. Klein did a fascinating case study on how he optimized a Facebook campaign for a MAA promotion. He manged to reduced the cost of each lead down to only $1.14, from nearly $10. Extremely impressive stuff. Alex Schultz of Facebook said this may the last year for affiliates to take advantage of Facebook Ads because they’re getting so big, they are attracting the big brand advertisers who will eventually push out the affiliate marketer.

Facebook advertising

Like at Affiliate Summit East in New York, the Facebook session took a lot of questions from the audience. Most of the session time was reserved for Q&A. And the audience asked some extremely good questions. Jim did a great job moderating the panel. The sound quality in the room wasn’t that great but overall, this was one of the best session of Affiliate Summit West.