A Day In the Life of a Candle Business Owner

Candle making is a fun hobby, and it can also be a lucrative business. Blk Sunflower started in March 2020 and made $300K in their first 18 months, and owner Jazmin Richards gives us an inside look at a day in her life as a candle business owner. It’s more exciting than you think.

Jazmin started making candles in 2019 to relieve stress from her corporate job. After she made more in 5 days at a holiday market than she earned in 3 weeks at her job, she decided to take her candle making business full-time. And that decision paid off. Her start-up costs were only brought in $1,500 in her first week, and getting featured in more than 50 publications helped keep her sales growing in the months since.

Ih this video, we’ll take a closer look at how to make candles and run a successful handcraft business. Making the candles is just the first step of the process, of course. We’ll also see Blk Sunflower’s workflow and SOPs, and how Jazmin leads and organizes the business.

While Jazmin makes all the candles herself by hand, she has a team to support the rest of her business needs, including a publicist, accountant, and business manager. We’ll find out how she communicates with her team and the key tasks she handles each day as the owner to keep Blk Sunflower moving forward. It’s a must-watch video for anyone who wants to see how a handcraft business functions on the day-to-day level.