5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need Google To Get Traffic

Ok, so maybe Google does provide you with the most traffic but there are other places that will generate just as much traffic. Google has been the go to guy for every blogger, affiliate marketer, and online business for years now but with all the changes Google is making you need to ensure your business is going to survive. The trick to getting your website to survive is very simple, you need to diversify where you traffic comes from.

What most website owners don’t realize is that there is more traffic away from Google than at Google but you will have to get out there and earn it. If you want to earn traffic from other sources other than Google then now is the time, don’t leave your website in the hands of Google any longer.

As you most likely already know, there are ways to get traffic other than Google and you have used them before. Where most website owners go wrong is they tend to only do what they need to in order to get ranked on Google but then they stop. My advice to you, “Don’t stop”. If you want to make sure your website can stand on its own two feet then you need to get to work. Here are the five reasons why you don’t need Google to get traffic.

1 – Yahoo Answers

If you have ever used Yahoo Answers then you know just how powerful they can be and how many people utilize it in a day. What most website owners don’t realize is that when you give an answer you can put your website link in the box below. The nice thing about being able to put your link on a Yahoo answer even though it is a nofollow link is that autoblogs will pick these up and then you will have a backlink from them. Another great thing is that the traffic you get from the answers will gradually add up and over the course of 1 month you will have a nice amount of traffic coming from the answers you provided.

Tip: The one tip that I have for you is to keep things relevant. If you are promoting a website about child safety then you need to answer questions related to that niche.

2 – Forums

Most website owners have looked around and even contributed to forums here and there but then they stop. Why stop when a forum can get you loads of free traffic? What many website owners don’t realize is that they have to gain the trust of the other forum members in order to get those members to become your readers. One of the great parts about a forum is that you don’t have to provide a long answer, all you need to do is provide some good information that will benefit the other members.

Tip: When it comes to forums it is all about quality. It doesn’t matter if you have 1000 posts on a forum if nobody is reading them, make each post count by stuffing it with as much quality information as you possibly can.

3 – Guest posts

One of my favorite ways to get traffic without Google is to just write guest posts. I know you have heard of this before yet most website owners don’t see the value in it. What you need to know is that when you write a guest post the readers of the website you are writing for might click through your author link and check out your site. The one thing you must keep in mind when guest posting is that it is all about providing quality content to the websites readers, if you can provide quality content that the readers like to read then you might be lucky enough to get that person to click through to your site for more great content.

Tip: Writing guest posts can be time consuming and might seem like a hassle but you need to keep it up. My advice is to write at least 2 guest posts each week and keep that going for at least 3 months and then re-evaluate where your website is at then.

4 – Twitter

One of the easiest ways to get traffic is with Twitter. The great thing about Twitter is that you don’t have to know a million people, you don’t have to be an expert in your field, and you don’t have to spend hours trying to promote your website. With Twitter all you need to do is link to your website in the bio and then send off good quality tweets throughout the day. When it comes to getting traffic from Twitter you will need to experiment as to when the best time to tweet is because everybody and every niche has their own special times.

Tip: In order to get more traffic with Twitter I would highly suggest you find a popular person in your niche and then follow their followers. The reason this works is because roughly 60% of the time the people will follow you back and because of that you will get more followers very quickly.

5 – Facebook

By now you must have a Facebook account and if you don’t then you are missing out on a huge traffic source. Facebook now has over a billion members and you can easily tap into that if you have an account. The best thing about Facebook is they allow you to create a page for websites and with this you will be able to get your friends and family to “Like” your page. All you have to do is get a few people each day to “Like” your website’s page and then it will be shown to all those people’s friends and family and the cycle will begin.

Tip: The one thing you never want to do with Facebook, just like with Twitter you never want to constantly promote your website. If you have a Facebook account then you need to make sure that you are providing something that your friends will enjoy as opposed to always giving your websites link as your status.

Google is a great source of traffic but why submit yourself to whatever Google has up their sleeve. Do yourself and your website a huge favor and get out there and start getting traffic from all 5 of these places.

Adam Snyder is a blogger who shows people many different ideas to make money that they can do with or with a website and from the comfort of their own home.