4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Earnings Per Click (EPC)

To be a successful online publisher, you must be savvy about earning revenue. While that may seem like a pretty straightforward concept, it’s easier said than done. There are a number of different factors that play into your potential earnings per click (EPC), and in this post, we will explore four easy ways to help you improve your earnings.

Find the Highest Paying Advertisers/ Brands

If you want to generate the highest return on investment (ROI) for each of your clicks, you need to work out which brands are offering the highest payouts for your specific links. Additionally, you need to make sure your content is of high enough quality to appeal to and engage the mutual audience you and the brand you are linking to share.


If you decide to work directly with other brands, keep in mind that EPCs are not standardized and most merchants offer different payouts for clicks to the same products. Do some research and find out which brands are paying the most for your particular links.

Growing competition in the link marketplace plays an integral role in driving up publisher EPCs. Brands are starting to realize the value of the traffic publishers are sending. Therefore, merchants are willing to pay to make sure they are at the end of your influential links. Many “link exchange” platforms who help automate the process of you getting paid for your links are helping encouraged competition and ensuring that publishers in their networks will receive the highest payouts available.

Larger retailers tend to pay more for in-quality-content links. If you want to automatically ensure you’re linking to the highest paying merchants, you should consider using link optimization tools.

Stay Current

Another easy way to drive up your EPC is to take advantage make the most of different holiday seasons. Helpful content at these times will be about, and link to, relevant holiday products or services. For example, during February, think about linking to great flower and gift sites in your love related posts. (If you are being extra savvy, spend a little extra time to research what products were the most popular gifts last year and which of those offered the best rates). In October and the lead up to Halloween, think about interesting posts which link to the party stores and online costume shops.

Even better, if you are able to rank for specific search queries that are relevant during holidays, you can easily increase your visibility, traffic, and your conversions, and lead to – you guessed it – increased EPCs.

Quality Content is King

Different types of publisher sites will elicit different EPCs. From an advertiser’s perspective, higher quality and more engaged readership sites that send more valuable and higher converting traffic than others. Brands often reach out to these sort of sites, with special rates and unique promotions for your readership, which helps make your blog stand out and raise content quality. Don’t be afraid to stamp your personality onto your blog and write eloquent editorial pieces about the products and services you want to share with your loyal readers.

Don’t forget Desktop

Mobile marketing has become a hot topic, and it becomes more and more apparent that we all need to understand and prepare for a mobile-future. However, it’s important not to get too caught up in the hype and know that mobile still hasn’t caught up to desktop when it comes to earning performance.

Although mobile is now generating nearly half of all daily web traffic, mobile EPCs are still 50 percent less than desktop driven clicks. This is mostly due to the clumsy mobile shopping experience, as most brands are still improving the mobile experience.  Predictions suggest ecommerce will become more and more mobile based in the not so distance future, but for now don’t forget to optimize for your desktop based traffic.

Following these four simple EPC tips will help you strengthen your online revenue strategies and help you build you grow your online business.

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